Vuber Technologies Reports Recording Breaking Months

Vuber Technologies Reports Recording Breaking Months

People love Vuber Vaporizers, made by Vuber Technologies!

Vuber Technologies, the developers of a line of premium, innovative personal vaporizers, reported today that it has posted record sales for the past consecutive three months. Moreover, the company has completely sold out of inventory twice in the past few weeks.

“We are pleased that our vaporizers are so popular,” said Vuber Technologies Founder and President, Brandon Gallagher. “We have completely sold out of product twice in the past few months, and while we attempt to always keep inventory in stock, we will never sacrifice quality to speed up manufacturing of our vaporizers,” he added. “But rest assured, another large shipment will be in our warehouses within days and we look forward to filling all orders.”

Gallagher also suggested that dispensaries, vape shops and smoke shops should place their orders now to avoid product outages and disappointment.

Vuber is the number one brand of vaporizers in Washington State, and the fastest growing brand in Colorado. Customers continually rave about Vuber’s product line, which offers high-demand features and innovative technologies, at a value-oriented price.

“We try to give our customers the best vapes for the money,” Gallagher said. “You can spend more, and you can spend less, but Vuber is strives to be the best vape for the money.”

For information on Vuber Vaporizers, visit:, or call: (206) 582-2899.


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